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%PDF-1.5 % "NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for Drinking Water Treatment Units is the nationally recognized standard for evaluating and certifying drinking water treatment systems for the reduction of contaminants from drinking water. Everywhere! Our comprehensive portfolio of bottle filling stations means that we are sure to have a model to fit your needs. Our expansive portfolio offers solutions to fit every budget and installation requirement. They are ideal for environments both indoor and outdoor, including education, commercial, parks and recreation, government, health care, public facilities, fitness clubs and hospitality. 0000233538 00000 n SPECIFICATIONS 4. *Based on 80 F inlet water & 90 F ambient air temp for 50 F chilled drinking water. 0000003013 00000 n 0000001993 00000 n adjustment other than for altitude requirements. startxref trailer << /Size 103 /Info 61 0 R /Root 63 0 R /Prev 796792 /ID[<7524a5c166621344659ce8ff73e8ec3b>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 63 0 obj << /Pages 57 0 R /Type /Catalog /PageLabels 55 0 R /Metadata 60 0 R >> endobj 101 0 obj << /S 341 /L 447 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 102 0 R >> stream All ezH2O bottle filling stations are customizable with university- or company-specific logos. See what others are saying about how installing ezH2O bottle filing stations at their locations has helped them save. Inspire employees with compelling live and on-demand video experiences. Elkay's ezH2Obottle filling stations are ideal for many environments both indoor and outdoor including education, commercial, health care, fitness clubs and hospitality and more. 1 Shows how to access the button to adjust the settings on an Elkay EZH20 Bottle Filling Station, models LZS8WSSP and LZS8WSLK, etc. Silver ion antimicrobial protection on key plastic components to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. 0000003647 00000 n Fan is not running. Knowing how to change these settings will give you full control over your device.Do you have any questions, tips, or ideas about Elkay drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers? Video, How To, Elkay, Enhanced EZH2O, Adjust Setti, Feminine Hygiene Dispensers & Receptacles. 0000057750 00000 n <> 3 0 obj 0000050689 00000 n 0000003928 00000 n We recommend using a genuine Elkay filter. 0000070000 00000 n <> Help! endobj Our filters were redesigned from 12" to 9" to be more compact. 0000001904 00000 n 1: Fan is blocked by a tube . endobj SPECIFICATIONS Elkay ezH2O Liv Built-in Filtered Refrigerated Water Dispenser Remote Chiller Model LBWD06 In keeping with our policy of continuing product improvement, Elkay reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Orders can include a combination of units (retrofit, inwall, ezH2O cooler combos, surface mounts). 0000255116 00000 n Please consult our specification sheet for the detailed specifications for the model you are considering. (So!14%}v 0 ezH2O Bottle Filling Station (Clean & Care) 4591 Views Oct 14, 2021 Knowledge. Two types of common types of cysts are Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium. It can also be contaminated with germs as it travels through miles of piping. Send us your desired logo and Pantonecolors. The Green Ticker counts the number of 20 oz. We recommend paying extra attention to the bubbler, push buttons, and other areas of the cooler that are often touched by users. Check this too: Fleck Water Softener How to and Troubleshooting Guide Filter Status LED Lights Explained adjustment other than for altitude requirements. Whether you want to change the orientation of a SwirlFlo fountain or add a vandal-resistant bubbler to an EZ cooler, our custom program will exceed your expectations. Remove cap from new filter and use to seal used filter. Sensor activation and bottle rest platform provide users with a touchless bottle filling experience. Elkay ezH2O Maintenance 100,568 views Apr 21, 2010 103 Dislike Share Save elkayusa 11K subscribers Learn how to keep your ezH2O looking as good as the day it was installed by watching our. 0000272923 00000 n Chris Berl of Restroom Direct shows how quick and easy it is to adjust the settings on an Enhanced EZH2O bottle filling station (with a little help from his student assistant). 0000004935 00000 n 2) See filter instructions for filter assembly. 0000255396 00000 n stream All Rights Reserved, Sitemap Chilling Capacity of 8.0 GPH (gallons per hour) of 50 F . ezH2Obottle filling stations are designed to operate on 20 psi to 105 psi supply line pressure. Choose your Elkay bottle filling stations. 0000142745 00000 n SPECIFICATIONS Bottles of 0000032300 00000 n *Based on 80 F inlet water & 90 F ambient air temp for 50 F chilled drinking water. Lead is toxic and continuous exposure can cause a variety of health problems, especially in infants and children. 0000004589 00000 n Designed as a stand-alone unit or to be paired with Elkay SwirlFlo or Soft Sides architectural fountains. Reset the filter monitor, if necessary. Copyright 2023Elkay Manufacturing CompanyAll Rights Reserved, Sitemap Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions, Helpful resources and updates during COVID-19. 6Jd]Ol4d .R RWsA]h $hy3d}Tl(`6 54{=f:?:[/WG R[:q%FEJz/o>Klt4g9. No need to manually reset. Restore power to outlet. 4 0 obj xref Build a site and generate income from purchases, subscriptions, and courses. I received a damaged stainless steel item! Though chlorine is used as a disinfectant, it can leave an undesirable taste and smell. Our bi-level non-filtered units require a minimum of 40 psi supply line pressure to ensure adequate stream height from each bubbler when activated simultaneously. Temperature Control: Easily accessible enclosed adjustable thermostat is factory preset. 0000052233 00000 n endobj Who can install a built-in filtered water dispenser? Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station & SwirlFlo Bi-Level Fountain, High Efficiency Filtered 8 GPH Stainless LZWS-EDFP217K Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station with Integral Soft Sides Fountain, Filtered Non-Refrigerated Stainless LZWSSM Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station Surface Mount, Filtered Non-Refrigerated Stainless LK4409BFEVG Enjoy heating a room up to 400 sq ft with 2 heat settings. Elkay offers filter retrofit kits that can be added to many existing Elkay water delivery products. CHECKOUT WILL BE UNAVAILABLEfrom Friday March 3rd, 11:59pmCST to Sunday March 5th, 3pmCST. Enjoy the same great experience youve come to expect from our ezH2O bottle filling stations with our refrigerated surface mount units. The Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station delivers a clean quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on disposable plastic bottles. Fill rate is 1.1 GPM. Elkay provides products, programs and resources to help you bring cleaner, healthier water to your facility. 0000002169 00000 n <]/Prev 729972/XRefStm 1783>> 0000045411 00000 n i$bgJ FWy(,). Elkay recommends using a soft cloth (we think microfiber would work well) along with mild dishwashing soap to spray and wipe down the unit. We're proud to introduce a fundraising program we've created in partnership with leading water bottle manufacturer ecoVessel, to help you bring ezH2O to your school. 0000161648 00000 n Elkay Manufacturing Company Special Note: One-Box Packaging. Privacy Policy *Based on 80 F inlet water & 90 F ambient air temp for 50 F chilled drinking water. endobj It provides a rapid fill of drinking water to quench thirst and minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment. plastic water bottles saved from waste. MB^|O}J(KB8r`5 Only one power hookup needed. We recommend contacting a localsales representativewho can provide an assessment of your site and current fixtures and suggest the best option for your specific needs. 0000008297 00000 n Touchless, sensor activation (bottle filler) designed for easy use. They encourage healthy hydration habits as well as promote sustainability. 0000004822 00000 n 0000003986 00000 n LZWSRK -EZH2O RETRO-FIT BOTTLE FILLING UNIT INSTALLATION, CARE & USE MANUAL TM LZWSR Bottle Fillers are among the easiest to install on the market today. Learn how to change a water filter and reset the filter status light on ezH2O bottle filling stations. . Elkays custom team will handle the rest! trailer Compressor is room temperature & fan will not run. CHECKOUT WILL BE UNAVAILABLEfrom Friday March 3rd, 11:59pmCST to Sunday March 5th, 3pmCST. Elkay's ezH2O Liv is designed for residential, indoor use only and should not be installed outdoors or in humid environments. Green, yellow and red LED lights indicate filter status and when a filter needs to be replaced. In models for numerous applications to fit your needs. To prevent contamination, water companies add a disinfectant usually either chlorine or chloramine that kills disease-causing germs such asSalmonella,Campylobacter andnorovirus. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 18 0 R 35 0 R 36 0 R 37 0 R 38 0 R 39 0 R 40 0 R 41 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 62 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 64 /H [ 1261 436 ] /L 798160 /E 80874 /N 15 /T 796802 >> endobj xref 62 41 0000000016 00000 n Host virtual events and webinars to increase engagement and generate leads. Silver ion antimicrobial protection on key plastic components to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. 0000051298 00000 n <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 16 0 R 17 0 R 18 0 R 19 0 R 31 0 R 32 0 R 33 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Locate correct terminal & plug in to cold control. 2 0 obj % Elkays original bottle filling stations offer ezH2Os essential features and benefits. Red: Filter has reached 100% of usable life and should be replaced promptly. Enhanced bottle filling stations include FillSafe recognition, a feature that detects when a new Elkay filter is installed and automatically resets the filter monitor light from red back to green. Key plastic components on the unit have a special silver ion antimicrobial protectant that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Chilling Capacity of 8.0 GPH (gallons per hour) of 50 F . v(. See table below for all retrofit options. Yes. Thanks! Kits are available with and without a filter status monitor and alert. Our own guides to hand dryers and other restroom equipment. inlet water temperature 100F (38C). The 3,000-gallon filter is certified to NSF 42 and 53 for lead, Class 1 particulate, chlorine, taste and odor reduction. 4 0 obj Among its many family-friendly features, Evereve stores were stocked with bottled water to hand out when anyone got thirsty. Elkay filtered ezH2O bottle filling stations reduce lead and other harmful contaminants, putting cleaner, healthier water within everyone's reach. Write the date of filter installation on the label. FAQ: Which hand dryer cover type should I choose? Bi-level filtered models, regardless of supply line pressure, cannot provide adequate stream height from each bubbler when activated simultaneously. 0000065969 00000 n 0000073528 00000 n 0000233165 00000 n Green Ticker informs user of number of 20 oz. Learn more about Elkay drinking fountains, water coolers, and water bottle fillers here: water fountains come, set at the factory, for the most common water pressure and ambient temperature. They are not life threatening if treated. stream From selecting the perfect unit that meets the needs of your facility, to making sure the unit is installed right and running smooth. Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station & Single ADA Cooler, High . elkay ezh2o bottle filler troubleshooting elkay ezh2o bottle filler troubleshooting (No Ratings Yet) . Our WaterSentry 51300C filter is rated for 3,000 gallons which is approximately 19,200 20-oz. 0000006684 00000 n endobj 0000121832 00000 n Call 800.952.8064 orclick hereto learn more about the Elkay Installation Services Program. hb```b``f`c`)df@ ;G>8$Hm6a%i Adults exposed to lead can suffer from cardiovascular effects, increased blood pressure and incidence of hypertension, decreased kidney function and reproductive problems in both men and women. 4 0 obj Water filters are tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 53 to ensure they reduce contaminants, including lead, per the requirements of the standard" (Certified Product Listing, NSF). how to recover stolen cryptocurrency from trust wallet; nc state hockey; firehawk aerospace dallas; brenda lowe baby name; observatory hill, pittsburgh crime; buying cigarettes in corfu 0 $ 0.00; 0000005186 00000 n 0000002964 00000 n <>>> This innovative and award-winning product line upholds our commitment to delivering clean water and sustainable design. 0000041748 00000 n 5. 0000051563 00000 n 0000001183 00000 n The Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station delivers a clean quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on disposable plastic bottles. 0000004707 00000 n Find the best one for you at: Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos about commercial fixtures and accessories. Fully recessed in-wall design. Unit automatically reviews the system to ensure it is operating within normal levels. elkay ezh2o temperature adjustment. We recommend changing the filter at least once a year. Sediment comes from sand, rocks and minerals, or may consist of organic particles of plants and microbes. zTa'?(*1*OSCu5cy"J6HVs)O\f_O,66AAnD`rmoBUF'b](KtGrhGn\-0g(lp@GE&ka>O.97a.+?h>*tD}&"/y%DAT Rr|G'Vn~ _>-&\lHhH"Qv$ijJQN|1%2/ From plumbing to electrical, and HVAC to construction, weve got it covered! Both the WaterSentry 51300C and the 51600C reduce lead, cysts, sediment/particulate and chlorine taste and odor. j73[pf 0000121995 00000 n 0000002155 00000 n Installation Applications:Wall mount and pedestal. [T Gr'je H4m+gYExUJ7RSlKUu QH#'? 3 0 obj 0000233481 00000 n 0000068912 00000 n Lead often enters water when plumbing materials corrode. Replace chiller panel: Using the (10) screws re-secure the panel. To purchase filters,click hereor call 800-834-4816. plastic water bottles saved from waste. 0000257079 00000 n by Elkay. 0000006084 00000 n Turn used filter counterclockwise 1/4 turn to remove from filter head. It depends on the type, style and location of your current water delivery fixture. In this video, well provide an in-depth explanation on how to change the water temperature, stream height, and pressure on an Elkay drinking fountain. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete a retrofit installation using existing plumbing. How do I change the filter on my Elkay ezH2O cooler? elkay ezh2o temperature adjustment. How to change the filter on an Elkay or Halsey Taylor water fountain. They are certified to NSF/ANSI 372 as lead free by the Water Quality Association. Sediments are naturally occurring particles that develop as earth materials. Visual filter monitor with LED filter status indicator for when filter change is necessary. 1 : Power lost to outlet. 0000057773 00000 n adjustment other than for altitude requirements. Original bottle filling stations require just a few easy steps. Find troubleshooting guides, care and cleaning and other product support documentation in the Help Center. fonts CHECKOUT WILL BE UNAVAILABLEfrom Friday March 3rd, 11:59pmCST to Sunday March 5th, 3pmCST. They will still fit your Elkay unit and maintain current filter performance and compliance. Simply type the SKU into the search box in the upper right corner. We have consolidated it into one tag on the underside of the cooler basin. Our drinking water products have been lead free for more than two decades. stream Sanitary no-touch sensor activation with automatic 20-second shut-off timer. 0000004641 00000 n 1414 43 Elkay ezH2O Liv Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser Non-refrigerated. The LED lights on the bottle filling station indicate the filter status. Our WaterSentry 51600C filter is rated for 6,000 gallons which is approximately 38,400 20-oz. Copyright 2023 Yes. Elkay water fountain stream adjustment Locate the water stream adjuster on the user manual. 4ShKiGHh2t\X}P/&:,8kb]o+{ No. 3. 0000241722 00000 n Hermetically sealed refrigeration system provides chilled water to satisfy thirst. %PDF-1.5 0000104468 00000 n 2 0 obj *Based on 80 F inlet water & 90 F ambient air temp for 50 F chilled drinking water. ezH2Obottle filling stations provide convenient, sustainable and healthy hydration. It can be contaminated at the source. The serial data tag is located on the bottom of the cooler. >L^%OOLm(0#wf5G#%I/ZRUs(N.qPyywoaf]j}(~n!k[*t&C Uu]%d6%+K9"K]T%`b^:k*Tl(+? \'TM4qdOFLf|Rl20-P[:2/t}vQ|@HFP /+b*jaa5*bYE"9w X>;Q a0-%?`Iv-*tm3qsA+I](aP*\Xu#a||w .kjD\|C`Bx)j#2S*XTC}zJW~>.lcX H[_7(A.`v$jNN;B*YH2SKcf Fully recessed in-wall design. Water comes from many sources, including lakes and wells. If you are looking for a drinking solution that is outside of our standard offerings, we can help you tailor an existing Elkay product to meet your unique specification. Intelligent constant temperature water outlet, the water . The Elkay Get Lead Out campaign kit includes product information, video and photo assets, educational opportunities and more. Green: Filter is functioning between 0-80% of usable filter life. Uses our industry-leading WaterSentry Plus filter rated for 3,000-gallon capacity and NSF certified to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for reduction of lead, Class 1 particulate, chlorine, taste and odor. Touchless, sensor-activation, designed for easy use . 25 Feb/23. 2023 RestroomDirect: Hand Dryers, Plumbing Fixtures & Commercial Restroom Accessories.