Keeping you informed, connected, and involved in the antiques and collectibles industry. "Batman's Wayne Foundation" playset included a communication center, a Batcave-like trophy room with a dinosaur statue and a giant penny, a computer station, and a penthouse. Some nice compromises here without completely sacrificing the spirit of the prop. Their colorful imagery also has been repurposed for a second tidal wave of Bat-merchandise inspired by the 196668 show. They can also be easily electrified, helping Batman take down some more resilient foes. ", OK, so, the belt wouldn't really transform its wearer into a superhero, but a fan can pretend, right? Mattel Batman TV 1966 Adam West Costume Utility Belt + Batarang! Vronk! [5] Consisting primarily of a strap and buckle, the utility belt houses ten pouches or cylindrical cartridges that are attached to the outside of the belt. DC Comics Future State "Dark Detective" Inspired Batman Utility Belt Buckle by MeeDesignsFX. 2. 4.7 out of 5 stars 7 product ratings Expand: Ratings. About Newsroom Store Contact Careers ByteDance . The belt holds a Bat-Rocket Grenade, Bat-Rope with grappling claw, Bat-Storage Pouch, Batarang, Dummy Transmitter, Bat-Signal Flash, Bat-Cuffs, Bat-Gun Launcher, and Batman Message Sender (dart for the Bat-Gun Launcher). In 1986, Frank Miller drew Batman's utility belt with military-style pouches in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns limited series. First, . If you have any questions, Please Ask! In fact, reproduction boxes and blister packs are something of a cottage industry in the world of 1966 Batman collectibles. My journey as a writer is just beginning yet I'm excited to be embarking on this new endeavor. Missing Utility Belt, 1989 DC -, 1976 DC , Lego Minifigure Figure Batman Utility Belt, Head Type 1 LEGO Batman Movie sh312, Vintage 1996 Kenner Batman Action Figure Blue With Yellow Utility Belt, Vintage 1989 Batman Baterang & Belt Clip From Utility Belt Playset , Remco BATMAN UTILITY BELT GUN Clicker Works Vintage DC Comics - 1976, 1988 DC , IDEAL 1966 BATMAN , :12: - DC1:12, Mezco Batman Supreme Knight & , SU-TDK: 1/12 & Mafex Mezco One:12 (), Mezco One:12, PB-TDK-Y: 1/12 & Mafex Mezco One:12 , 1/6 EX, 1972 - DC 8 , 1989 5 , PM, Mezco One:12: - , 1989 NIB . Ships from and sold by Collectors Rebellion. It was all boxed up and aside from the tiniest tear in the packaging still in mint condition. eBay The simplest and best turned out to be a 2" web work belt from the hardware store. Examine the photo below, I have circled the holes. I came across it in the attic last year, and never got around to looking it up until last week. XXII, No. As for the aforementioned Shark Repellent Bat-Spray? Lot# 1 - Sterling Silver Natural Larimar. Bruce Wayne's utility belt is one of the biggest staples of the Batman franchise, and the hero is well known for the many useful tools he keeps inside of it. In its first appearance, Batman's utility belt "contain[ed] choking gas capsules." Two issues after the utility belt debuted, Fox also wrote the first appearance . Tarco offered a BatScope Dart Launcher that strapped onto the face like binoculars and fired three rubber-tipped BAM POW DARTS. Over the past decade, it has sold for anywhere from $10.94 with a torn front Batman decal all the way up to $649.99 still in its original blister pack. Unusual, large 30" 1966 Batmobile on eBay. The Simpsons' even made a gag about West's Batman utility belt, imaging an episode where Batman and Robin are tied to a spinning carousel. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, 10 Extremely Valuable Batman Toys (With Prices), Aladdin Industries' Batman & Robin Lunchbox, Ideal Official Batman & Justice League of America Playset, 10 Best Batman Kenner Figures Ever Made, Ranked, 15 Best Spider-Man Action Figures, Ranked, 5 Instances Where Batman Has The Best Toys (& 5 Examples Where It's Iron Man). +C $27.57 shipping estimate. These highlights included a Creature from the Black Lagoon One Sheet Poster which sold for $24,200; an original The Jetsons lunchbox, $3,500; a Star Wars Storm Trooper Life Size Display, $7,200; a Disneyland Mailbox Prop, $12,400; a Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon life-size replica, $24,200; The Munsters title artwork from the pilot episode, $16,300; a Space Patrol Car tin toy, $9,680; a Mark Twain Life Preserver prop, $14,500; a Dragon Ball Z Broly animation cel, $12,100 and a very rare story display which went for $36,300. Comedy Gaming Food Dance Beauty Animals. "Batman has been a pretty amazing brand since the 1930s," he notes on the episode. When a customer brings in a valuable Batman collector's item, Rick is eager to suit up in this clip from "In the Presence of Greatness". leagues of votann codex pdf This COMPLETE SET OF CRIME-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT consists of a yellow plastic belt with a metallic black bat decal on its buckle, which conceals a secret compartment. 2023 - WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2900. The Comic Heroines line, or Super Queens as they're more commonly known, was an attempt to capitalize more directly on Mattel's Barbie Doll. Los Angeles - The most sought after of 1960s Batman collectibles, a rare Official Batman Utility Belt manufactured by Ideal (1966), sold for a record $16,940 the highest price ever paid for a vintage Batman toy during the Celebration of Pop Culture event at Van Eaton Galleries, Los Angeles, January 30-31. . While the Batman TV show only ran for three seasons it was a huge success, but its campy take on the character meant many didn't take later efforts to produce a dark Batman movie seriously. At first, the belt wouldn't serve any other purpose than holding Batman's trousers. Now that's out of the way, a brief introduction. ForeverYoungLeather. Or, you could collect all eight of Phoenix Candy Co.s Batman-themed candy boxes. Shark repellent might have been a big joke in the Batman film, but it helped Batman from becoming an ocean monsters lunch. The iconic Shark Repellent Bat Spray infamously used in the 1966 Batman movie featuring Adam West is a canonical item Batman has kept inside his utility belt. Toys, Dolls, Games & Puzzles Remcos Electromagnetic Wrist Radios transmitted both voice and code. XXIV, No. The latter was made exclusively for Sears, so its particularly rare. :thumbsup, Buy it take out the buckle spray it white call it a back up storm trooper belt. Some $75 million worth of Batman merchandise was released in 1966 alone (about $658 million in 2022 dollars), from Bat-accessories to Bat-vehicleseven Bat-food and beverages! 7, July 1931, Collector's Toy Yearbook: 100 Years Of Great Toys, Noble & Cooley Toy Drums Musical Toys 1917, Noble & Cooley Toy Musical Instruments Catalogue F4 1907, The Meccano Magazine, Vol. There will be NO REFUND if your country impounds the item or any of the pieces. Step 1: Prepare the Belt Blank. He's super modern too, so his favorite movies include Jaws, Die Hard, The Thing, Ghostbusters and Batman. The playsets interestingly left the villains absent of any character details, focusing on the hand-painted heroes instead. Let's face it, The originals were craptacular and all but the average collector does need something that fits in their 'mind's-eye' interpretation of what the prop should look like in the real world. Unfortunately, I grew up to be neither, and although I'm not dead yet, I fear that my days of looking good in tights have long since passed! The Batman Utility Belt was one of the first, if not the first, toy models of Batman's infamous utility belt. It also makes fine use of the symbol that inspired Bruce to become Batman in the first place. Of course, Rick's resell price isn't going to be the same as his purchase price, and Karen is disappointed when he offers her $10,000. Her hope was that it would all add up to a selling price of $17,000. The utility belt also known as the yellow Bat-belt is where Batman stores the weapons and tools carried on his person. Buy It Now. SECRETLY SPY OVER WALLS AND AROUND CORNERS WITHOUT ANYONE SEEING YOU! Who wouldnt want that Bat-superpower? That was the question Karen had in mind when she brought a Batman utility belt to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shopon a recent episode of History's "Pawn Stars. They are clean and sharp so you may examine the physical condition of the item (both the good AND the bad). View Full Photo Gallery. Pow! Batman is only a man after all, and having a tool that help him survive the urban jungle makes this one of the best items in his arsenal. Not the most conventional item, but it certainly helped the Caped Crusader save the day. Disqus. Branded as Batman Classic TV Series and aimed at adult collectors, the new line was introduced at San Diegos Comic-Con in 2013 following years of wrangling over licensing rights. Some Vintage Toys Have Stellar Value. Ships from and sold by These pieces may still be up in my attic. Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Utility Belt DC Comics Replica Batarang Y6806. 53490 Views. Yes indeed. BATMAN FLASHLIGHT For Utility Belt Ideal 1966 Blue Batsignal Vintage, BATMAN 1966 Ideal Utility Belt Playset PISTOL CLEAN VINTAGE TOYS DC COMI, BATCUFFS Batman Utility Belt Ideal 1966 60s Vintage Rare, 1966 Ideal Batman Utility Belt - Variant Version - No Accessories Xtra R, 1966 Vintage Original Batman Ideal Toys Bat-Gun Launcher (utility Belt I, 1966 Ideal Batman Outfit Utility Belt Cape Gun Batarang, The Meccano Magazine, Vol. TDK Bat Utility Belt $ 95 - $ 215; 2021 Widow Utility Belt $ 50 - $ 85; Widow Utility Belt V1 $ 50 - $ 90; Value Code: M - $5,000 to $10,000 Every item is also assigned a price range letter code. 7 Bat Fly Swatter Is Just A Fly Swatter. While it serves as a powerful contingency, it also represents the strong trust between the Worlds Finest. During the seminal Year One storyline in Batman #406, Batman is cornered by a SWAT team and needs to make an escape, so he uses his last-ditch effort: A high frequency signal to attract a swarm of bats to distract his opponents and make an escape. IDEAL 1966 BATMAN UTILITY BELT BAT MESSAGE DART, FOR DISPLAY ONLY, BATMAN UTILITY BELT ADAM WEST - SERIE 1966. US $13.98 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BATMAN THREE JOKERS #1 (OF 3) Raw 9 8 JASON FABOK RED HOOD PREMIUM COVER w CARD at the best online prices at Free shipping for many products. The grapple gun is what helps Bruce Wayne scale Gotham City's many tall buildings and . Of course, West's Batman utility belt featured lots of familiar tools too, like the Batarang. Find her via,, and Related: Batman's God-Powered Weapon Is His Deadliest in DC HIstory. Young Batman wannabes in hot pursuit of dastardly villains could pull a metal ring to deploy the cloth chute, slowing their bicycle enough to enable them to execute a 180 Bat-Turn, just like on TV! An even rarer blonde version of the figure reached an auction price of $30,000. One feature added to the utility belt in the film and its sequel Batman Returns, was a small motor which would move items from the back of the belt around to the front allowing Batman easier access to his weaponry and tools.[4]. Fortnite Most Wanted Challenges Xbox Game Pass February PlayStation Plus February Games Upcoming 2023 Games Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes Pokemon Class Answers . The buckle itself typically contains a miniature camera and a tape recorder. Last post by Bat Administrator. Like so many other 1966 Bat-products, the cereal boxes were remarkable for their pop-art imagery and campy verbiage: KIDS! All was assembled in the original cardboard box packaging. A 1966 Batman Utility Belt from Ideal sets world record at Van Eaton Galleries event. I didn't see this one coming. In that movie, a scene is showcased where Batman is climbing a ladder while battling a (rubber) shark, and in order to get rid of it, he whips out a trusty can of shark . Speaking of smoke, Batmans utility belt usually includes something to help him out when the tables are turned. Comics. $1605$24.95. The grapple gun is what helps Bruce Wayne scale Gotham Citys many tall buildings and skyscrapers. Recent Blog Posts. Search for: Search OK. Cart. Ideal Toy Company released quite a few Bat-centric toys, though one rivaled all others. RELATED: 10 Best Batman Kenner Figures Ever Made, Ranked. FREE delivery Sun, Feb 19 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Only six complete examples of the deluxe set are known to exist today. It also featured a few different superhero allies displayed on the lithographed backdrop. 4, April 1924, Barbie Exclusives Identification & Values, Book II, Patricia Smiths Album Of All Bisque Dolls Identification And Value Guid, The Meccano Magazine, Vol. Through the years, Batman has modified the contents of his belt to accommodate various crime-fighting scenarios. "I'll tell you what. I think the price is listed as $110. MeeDesignsFX. Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters ever, and he has cemented his place in pop culture. "I watched the reruns when I was a kid and I loved it. Yes indeed. Other items in the utility belt may go a long way in keeping Bruce alive, but the stash of suckers is a great reminder that Batman is doing what he does for the most vulnerable. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Its a tool that hes refined over the years and for good reason. 5) Bat-Cuffs in Almost New Condition 6) Utility Belt Instruction Sheet. I am aware that replying to this thread may be considered spam, but I still want to make a reply. The utility belt itself was outfitted with a Batarang, bat rope, grappling hook, drill, flashlight, and mini two-way radio. Museum of Ayrshire Country Life and Costume, Museum of the History of the Greek Costume, Portugal National Museum of Costume and Fashion, "Batman: Arkham City: Combat Mechanics Guide", "Batman Capability Website: Strategy/Tactics", "Batman: Arkham Origins' remote claw is a multi-functional tool", "Injustice Gods Among Us Cutscenes / Cinematics FULL MOVIE 2013", The Londinium Larcenies/The Foggiest Notion/The Bloody Tower, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt,, Articles with dead YouTube links from February 2022, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 10 June 2022, at 15:50. While they are priced a bit more affordably for fans, quite a few retro Batman toys have sold for shocking prices over the years. It's hard to picture now, but Adam West's Batman was once the dominant image of the Caped Crusader in popular culture. The "Batman's Wayne Foundation" playset was created in 1977 through a collaboration between DC Comics and toy developer Mego. Adam West's Caped Crusader pulled out many bizarre gadgets from his utility belt in Batman 1966, and here's each one he used on the show. Holy Collector's Item, Batman!! The belt is shown to be able to electrocute any villain who even touches it. While it was really campy, the '60s Batman show starring Adam West was popular and successful enough to garner a full-length film in 1966. This auction includes - 1) The ORIGINAL Box, in Very Good Condition. Each face of the tin box depicted a different comic scene ranging from the dynamic duo saving a cat from a burning building to tangling with the Joker and the Riddler. Get it Mar 8 - 13. 1966 NPP, Inc. 16x26x2.5" deep beautifully illustrated window display box w/insert contains complete set that consists of two-piece, semi-rigid vinyl belt and several accessory pieces - Bat-Rocket Grenade, built-in Bat-Storage . Mint In Box, Mezco One:12 Batman: Supreme Knight - Black Utility Belt DC Comics 1:12 Scale, HOT TOYS BATMAN 1966 ADAM WEST MMS218 + ROBIN BURT WARD MMS219 1/6 Scale, BATMAN 1966 TV SERIES BAT BELT MADE FOR 8 INCH FIGURES ACCESSORY, Mezco One:12 Sovereign Knight Batman Utility Belt Gold Accessory Only, Toybiz Batman Accessory Playset 1989 NIB Speargun utility belt batarang badge, RARE VINTAGE 1990 KENNER BATMAN UTILITY BELT - EBAY 1/1, SU-TDK: 1/12 utility belt & leg pouch for Mafex Mezco One:12 Batman (No Figure), PB-TDK-Y: 1/12 utility belt & leg pouch for Mafex Mezco One:12 Batman, Mezco One:12 Batman: Supreme Knight Shadow Edition - Silver Utility Belt, Mezco One:12 Golden Age Batman UTILITY BELT, Hot Toys 1/6 DX12 The Dark Knight Rises Batman Figure - Detailed Utility Belt, Hot Toys Masterpiece Batman Robin 1966 TV Series 1/6 Scale 280mm PVC Figure Mint, Sideshow Hot Toys Golden Age Batman 1/6 Scale Figure Exclusive Ex Utility Belt, Mezco One:12 KGBeast - Utility Belt DC Comics Batman 1:12 Scale Custom Fodder, Mezco One:12 The Dark Knight Returns Utility Belt (Modified) 1:12 Scale, Mezco One12 Batman Beyond Utility Belt 1:12 Scale, Comic Book & Manga Collectible Props & Replicas, Comic Book & Manga Cosplay Costumes & Accessories.